Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Barbara the news (sort of)

I have to admit, I think I agree with whoever first said that authors should set up a Google alert on their name. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Google alert is an automated feature where Google sends you new results to a search. In this case "Barbara Early."

Now I can't say I've found too many people talking about me online. But I have had the added fun, since my last name is an adverb, of having totally unrelated news items sent to me--especially things that take place in Santa Barbara.

So here's what's new, in the world of Barbara Early:

" Lobbying for a foul, Barbara lay prone on the pitch as play continued on its opposite end. Concerns over Barbara’s vital signs were allayed, however, when the Maltese striker popped up and began yelling vociferously at the referee, the linesman, and the fourth official, and possibly a couple of ball boys, concessionaries, and the RailHawks’ mascot Swoops. It was harsh words hurled in the direction of RailHawks’ manager Martin Rennie, however, that immediately preceded Barbara’s early exit in the 77th minute, demonstrating that a two-goal lead is always a great opportunity for the coach to enforce a “Don’t Cross the Boss” policy."
Although I think "the Maltese Striker" would be a cool nickname to have.

As to the Google alert to television station's website that tied me to a string of break-ins into Santa Barbara CVS stores? All I can say is, I have an alibi. Um. When was that again?

And I do seem to hang around some big names these days. Another story, this time from Newsday, and unfortunately no longer available, seems to tie me in with the Kardashian wedding. I wonder if they saved me any cake...


  1. :) It's fun to find out what pops up when you Google your name. Last time I checked, I was a journalist from a big city and a poet. I guess there is something in a name.
    Are you sure you weren't in Santa Barbara on the night in question?
    :D Fun article, Barb

  2. Yep--I suspect most of my Google alerts will be similar to this one. Although I did get a new one today that did refer to me--apparently Google found this blog post. LOL.