Saturday, June 25, 2011

Using Facebook Lists

Writers love to network.

Since that includes Facebook, writers tend to have a lot of "friends," some of which they've even met. When the friends list grows longer, many start a fan or author page (nothing unreasonable about that.)

But since I've elected not to do that at this point, I utilize lists so my friends and family do not get buried in the deluge of posts.

How to create a facebook list:

1. In your newsfeed page, look on the left hand side. Click on "Friends."

2. On the top of your Friends page, click on "Edit Friends."

3. On the next page that comes up (also called Friends), click on "Create a list."

4. This will bring you to a pop-up page that has pictures of all your friends. Type the name of the list you wish to create. Then click on the friends you want to add to your new list. When you're finished, click "Create a List" on the bottom.

5. This will take you to a new page for that list. From here you can delete the list or add to it.

When you want to look at posts from only that list, go to your newsfeed page. Click on the little triangle on the upper right. It will pull up a menu of options you can view on your newsfeed page, including your friend lists. Choose the list you want to include in your feed.

So far, I've made lists for my friends and family, church, writers, and gamers (for those who play the same games as I do--they're addicting!). And yes, you can put people on more than one list.

You can also use these lists when posting. In game playing, for instant, I chose to post those pesky game requests (on the rare occasion when I do that) to only my gamers list, so they do not bother the writers or other folks who don't play.

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