Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Design. New Focus

For those who have been following my blog, you know I've been promising a few changes. One of which is the title. Instead of "Cozy Craft" which focused on crafting a cozy mystery (but also led people to believe I was talking about knitting and cross-stitch), I've decided to broaden the focus, just a tad, to embrace more of who I am.

Faith. This doesn't mean future posts will all be preachy. But my faith is important to me and shapes who I am. Whether discussing my faith overtly, or whether it is in the background, inherent in my world view, faith is a part of everything I write.

Fiction. I'm still progressing in my pursuit of publication. (An announcement is coming soon.) And I expect more posts on the art and craft and business of writing fiction.

Felony. I love mystery. Mystery might be inspirational or mainstream, or it might include elements of romance or humor. Maybe I'll share things I'm learning from the mystery I'm reading and other resources where I find them.

Another change will be that my posts will be more frequent, more conversational, and shorter.

Hope you join me for the ride!

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