Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Author Pages on Facebook?

I came across an author's blog, with an invitation to connect with her on facebook. All about networking these days, I clicked it. And was given, not the option of friending her, but liking her. A fan page.

Don't ask me why, but I haven't signed up for too many author fan pages. I have a number of authors as facebook friends, but being asked to be a friend and being asked to be a fan seem like two very different things. At least in my mind. Or do I need to rethink this?

Why start a author fan page?

Nathan Bransford, former literary agent and popular blogger, had this to say:

When fan pages were first created, I think people were kind of nervous to get started on them due to the whole "fan" thing. It seemed a bit presumptuous to have a fan page when one wasn't a celebrity. But Facebook pages are increasingly how people distinguish between their private and public networks. So even if you aren't (yet) a published author, I would definitely consider creating a page for yourself.(Whole article)

But here's the question in my mind. Do I really want to distinguish between my private and public networks? Facebook is a social networking site. If I want to network professionally, perhaps I should look into LinkedIn. But if I want to interact with people--author and readers--on a more intimate basis, wouldn't that be easier to continue with my profile page as it is, and freely allow new additions? It's not like I have any deep, dark or personal things going on in my facebook page that I need to hide.

And since facebook lists allow me to place my friends into categories, my personal friends don't get lost in the volume. I have a list for family and friends, and when I click on that, I get only their updates.

An author page would also be yet another page to monitor and keep updated. Which is an important consideration.

I do think, however, when it comes closer to the release date, that I might create a fan page for my book. The obvious advantage to this is that people can still be my friends while being fans of my book.

Now, should there ever come a day when I reach the upper limits on the number of facebook friends (yeah, right--but a girl can dream), I might revisit this question. But thinking on the authors who are my facebook friends--I may have never met them, but I kind of like being listed as their friends. Of seeing their posts on their daily lives. Finding out what they put on the grill. Sharing their recipes. Learning what they watch on television.

Yes, for now I think I prefer friends to fans. (Bites lower lip) Unless I'm missing something.

What about you? Do you 'like' author fan pages? Do you have one? Are there advantages to them that I'm missing?


  1. You've got a point. There are so many "social platforms" by which we can connect, it's often difficult to determine what we need. Sometimes we can put more on our plate than we can handle.

    I "like" several Fan pages, but I forget they're there. Rather, I depend on my "friends" to gather what I need.

    Having a Fan page for your book is a good idea. Then everyone can interact and share their thoughts.

  2. I think that's the right decision for me at the moment. I was reading number of sites where it was almost taken as a matter of course for writers at any stage in their career to set up a fan page. And certainly there are certain advantages to that, for example, another possible hit in search engines.

    I think it works better for me to hold off on that. Running in too many directions only serves to make my head spin.

    I expect I'll construct a fan page for the book when I have a release date and a cover.

  3. Great topic! I don't really consider my "fan" page to be about "fans" I consider them reader friends, not fans, and even though Facebook refers to them as fan pages, I always call it my 'reader' page - where I can interact with folks who have read my stories and might like to know's quite a quandry though, because like you, I dislike the perception of "FANS" - as if I'm some kind of celeb or something... :-) Blessings - and welcome to White Rose!!

  4. Great post, Barb! I'm with Marianne - I consider my page a "fan page." However...I love what you said about Facebook lists. I wasn't aware I could do that. Tell me how!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Marianne and Delia! I don't think there's any one right way for writers to use facebook. But for now, I think sticking with my profile page is the right decision for me. I may have to stop by your fan pages to see how you do that.

    Delia, maybe I'll do my next post on facebook lists. It's not hard, but there are a few steps. Thanks for giving me a topic!