Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hooked on my Nook.

Well, I obviously haven't been blogging much (more on that later), so what have I been doing?

Well, besides spending countless hours playing mind-numbing games on facebook, I've been reading. And not just paperbacks and hardcovers. Earlier this year, I made the jump to ebooks, when I was given a Nook for Christmas. And the verdict is...

I love it!

Yes, I'm a bit of a bibliophile. I love wandering through bookstores, and the thrill that comes with setting up a brand new bookshelf (not sure where I'd put another one!) I have a hard time parting with a book, even if I know I will never read it again. A friend told me I would miss that with an ereader. Well, not yet. I've found I can joy in my virtual bookshelf just as easily, and it doesn't take up nearly as much room.

So what's good?

I like that I can change the font. I read quite a lot, and I can get eyestrain easily. I've found that with the Nook, when I change my font to the largest setting, I'm bothered by less eyestrain than with a regular book.

I like that my books now have a built-in mp3 player and dictionary (Although the dictionary on the Nook needs work: most words that I need to look up, aren't included in the dictionary either)

I like that when I'm in bed reading and finish a book, I can start--and even shop for and buy--the next book without even getting up. Lazy? Probably.

I like that many of the books I want to read are in ebook format, and often at a considerable savings--especially for hardcovers. (Many classics are free!!) And I like being able to read a book I've been waiting for the day it is released--without having to leave the house. Five o'clock in the morning--with my coffee and in my jammies.

And I like not having to turn pages. I can leave one hand warm under the covers, and switch off. I can even read while wearing gloves, and since I like a cool room for sleeping, that's a nice thing.

What don't I like?

Freezing. It's crashed on me a few times. The last time when I had three pages to go. Frustrating.

Expensive ebooks. So many great books are free, inexpensive, or at least a few dollars cheaper than their printed counterparts. Every now and then, I run into a book that someone has marked at the same price as the hardcover. Not buying those.

Excessive front matter. I like the free samples that let me start reading any book without purchasing. I hate books that have so much front matter: acknowledgments, preface, introductions, grocery lists, constitutional amendments, etc..., that I end up with a one paragraph sample. Now that's just stupid. Am thinking twice before buying those.

I expect some of these things are just hiccups in the process, and will straighten out in time.

But I must say goodnight. I'm going to bed with a good Nook.