Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've been writing just long enough to realize that the writing life is hard to balance. In writing, one needs to balance plot,character development, dialog, description, grammar, and a whole bunch of other things just to create one manuscript.

But that's not all. While writing, one must not forget to keep learning, to keep improving. So it is not enough to write, one must study writing and improve craft.

But that's not all. Writing is such a solitary occupation. To keep from being discouraged and isolated, the writer often needs to network with other writers. Welcome to the world of Facebook, twitter, writers groups and conferences.

But that's not all. If one should be so blessed/lucky/good to be published, the business side of writing can take over. And even before that, drafting queries, searching for an agent, learning about the business of publishing so you don't make stupid rookie mistakes--it all takes time.

But that's not all. One must have a life. Often another job. Family responsibilities.

All this is really an explanation as to why my blog entries have been a little sparse. What have I been up to lately? Editing my WIP whenever I get a chance, and working on my diet and exercise goals.

Here, have a lower fat recipe for meatloaf:


  1. YvettestillcantpostwithgoogleidwhatupwitthatJuly 1, 2009 at 4:54 PM

    I re-read the meatloaf recipe. Sorry--you still lost me with 'zucchini.' rofl. Apparently, I'm a moron. Will you be bringing some of this meatloaf with you in August? I'm open to conversion, persuasion, or brow-beating. I can change! I swear I can!

  2. I read this post and thought of a post I did for my wife’s low fat, faux ice cream, which is really good, buy the way. You can find it at this link… Now, don’t be put off by the post’s title, it’s all a joke and in good humor. A fake headline to grab reader’s attention, like Mark Twain used to do. Anyway, run over there and check it out.
    On the matter of your post. How true! And, I might add the priorities shift and change. What’s important one week, isn’t the next. So, it’s very, very tough. I try not to work on any of that stuff when my wife is home, for example, as I know it annoys her. Don’t blame her, it cuts into our time. So, enough rambling. Post more often, gotta keep those fans coming.

    Best regards, Galen
    Imagineering Fiction Blog

  3. maybe i'll strike a balance when my child is grown. if you figure this out...PLEASE write a book about it. it'd be a best-seller. :)

  4. Keep doing your best to balance everything. It will all come together with God's help!

  5. LOL. OK, Yvette--I don't think the meatloaf will pack very well. Especially since you also convinced me to bring soup.

    Galen--welcome. And I'll check out that link when I garner the courage. Ice cream you say...hmmm.

    Jeannie, I need to buy that book, not write it, but it would probably stay in my to-be-read pile for three years. LOL. Maybe it is there now! And welcome.

    And Diane. Yes, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me--just not all at once, apparently! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Now, back to work for me!