Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Learning to Write, revisited

Okie dokey. Just when I changed my blog title from "Learning to Write," I'm going to revisit the topic. And here's why: literary agent Rachelle Gardner's great post entitled "How Do You Learn to Write?" There's a checklist (I'm a sucker for a checklist), and I just have to see how I stack up.

Check out her post here:

→ You read books on writing, and books in the genre in which you write.

(Oh my, yes)

→ You are a member of writers' organizations and online forums.


→ You take workshops offered whenever and wherever you can find them.

(Not so many around here, but I'm working on it.)

→ You take creative writing classes, like at a local community college (although I've heard these can be a waste of time).

(Haven't seen too many offered locally.)

→ You have a critique group (this may or may not help, depending on the qualifications of your critique partners, as well as your own personality).

(Have several. Each helpful in different ways.)

→ You submit your project to agents and editors, hoping for scraps of feedback.

(Not ready for that yet. One piece of advice I've heard is not to rush this.)

→ You pitch your project at conferences, again hoping for feedback.

(Hope to do this soon.)

→ You enter your manuscripts in contests, hopefully getting feedback as part of the contest results.

(Yep, working through that feedback now, as a matter of fact)

→ You take advantage of the "paid critiques" offered at most writers conferences.

(I've only been to one conference so far, and have done that. Am planning on doing that again soon.)

→ You hire a professional editor to evaluate or edit your project

(May think about this in the future, although I really think it best to learn to self-edit properly)

→ You find someone to mentor you and walk alongside you for a time.

(Hmmm. Would love that. But I'd probably drive him or her crazy.)

→ You simply write and read and write and read and trust your instincts.

(LOL. I've been writing seriously less than one year. I'm still in the process of developing my instincts. I'm questioning everything lately.)

Overall, I think I'm on track. I just wish I knew where the track was leading!

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