Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogging 101

Once you do decide to blog, you immediately face two questions: Where should I set up a blog? And what should I blog about?

Where should I set up my blog?

While there are a number of places you can set up a blog, my decision to switch to blogger (blogspot) was pretty easy. I read many blogs on a regular basis, blogs by writers, agents, and publishers. They are listed in the widget (sidebar) on the right ==>

That "B" in the orange square said it all. The vast majority of the writing-related blogs I read were created on Blogger, so it made sense to me to move my blog here. There are others, yes. Wordpress, Typepad, and LiveJournal. And each has their pros and cons. While I was on LiveJournal I liked the feature where you could share a post with certain friends only. But I haven't regretted my decision. Blogger has some nice features that allow you to create and maintain an individual blog with its own style and flavor.

What should I blog about?

Here's where it gets tougher. There are a few different options you can choose as a writer. And a lot depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Writers can obviously write about some aspect of writing. I blog about writing, and it is a great place to showcase what I am learning. I've found it helpful. The problem with blogs about writing is that you're only going to attract people who write to your blog.

Non-fiction writers might have an advantage here. They can surely blog about whatever topic they write about.

But for fiction writers? It might be a matter of branding.

I'm a little new to the concept of branding.

I found a good article here:

Now the article pertains mainly to people who want to earn money on the internet, but the concepts apply. And here's what I'm thinking. Perhaps it is time to rethink the blog title, narrow my content, and come up with a new concept. What exactly is my brand?

Which leads me to a question. What is your brand?

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