Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Police Academy II...No, Not the Movie

Of course, I mean the writers' police academy. I meant to post this yesterday, so for all those waiting with baited breath, try Altoids. ;)

But anyway, after departing the morgue, we headed off to the police station. Now if my choice of pictures seems odd, it is because I was trying to get pictures of things and places that I might have to describe, at some point. So oddly enough, there were some notable people of whom I have no pictures at all.

View from just outside the Hamilton police station. Some things not in the picture--to the right is a small garden/picnic area. To the left is a garage where they can house cars for further investigation--search and fingerprinting.

How to store that pesky evidence? There is a large shelf filled with vials and baggies and cardboard boxes for weapons, and a cheat sheet on how to do it all properly. Not shown here is an evidence drying room, should items come in wet.

In high school, I always had the locker I could never open. Well, there are instructions on these lockers on how to lock them, but not how to unlock them. Why? They are evidence lockers, and they only unlock from the other side, where a clerk receives the evidence and will properly store and preserve it.

People, on the other hand, are stored here. These are holding cells. Not sure if they were occupied at the time, or not. We weren't actually allowed in here. They were slightly more spacious than the evidence lockers, but not much.

I believe they called this the 'duty room,' although by this point, my brain was a bit overloaded, so don't quote me on that. My fellow attendees are looking around. At this point there was a swat call, so it was quiet around the station for a while.

And I'm stealing these handcuffs--well, not really. I have one scene were my protag, after being questioned by the police, sits down on a hard wood bench in the hall. I'm going back to that scene and adding the handcuffs. They caught my eye, and I think they'd add a nice touch.


  1. Barb: Wow, this is fascinating! Was the atmosphere a little eerie? I also think the handcuffs would add a nice touch to your book. How far along are you, or did i miss that post?

  2. No, not eerie at all. I was too excited. You don't get an opportunity like this every day--at least I don't.

    As far as my book goes, I just finished the draft about a month ago. But it needs extensive revisions, which I'm working on now. Not quite sure how long that is going to take.